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  Egyptian Port Information

Port Said Port: The Port Said port lies to the northern entrance of the Suez Canal. It is considered one of the most important Egyptian ports due to its distinctive location at the entrance of the most significant waterway in the world (The Suez Canal) and in the middle of the biggest merchant shipping line between Europe and the East. It is, moreover, the biggest transit port in the world.

Alexandria Port: The Port of Alexandria is the main port in Egypt. The port can be traced back to 1900 BC when the Pharaohs established it in the west Pharaoh Islands. It was called “Rakouda” and was located north of the Pharos Island, known as the region of “Ras El Teen” now. With Two ports and more than ¾ of Egypt’s foreign trade passing through them, Alexandria is considered the second most important city in Egypt.

El Dekhila Port: Al Dekheila port is a natural extension to Alexandria Port due to the increasing volume of container movement as well as the increasing growth of population, industrial development, and free zones in Alexandria’s west Delta.

Damietta Port: The port of Damietta is about 8.5 km to the west of Damietta branch of the Nile in the Mediterranean sea to the west of Ras El Bar. It is at the distance of 70 km to the west of Port Said port. The construction covers an area of 25 km.